Get Involved

Washington University Nursery School recognizes that parents are a child’s first and most influential teachers. In light of these important relationships, we like to partner with parents and grandparents, childcare providers and special friends by coordinating several special events throughout the year.

For specific dates of special events, see the calendar for the school year.

Open House

A girl holds seeds in her handOpen House is a time for our students to show family their indoor and outdoor learning spaces: the classrooms and playground. Open House is held for a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday in October. Families are encouraged to stop by at some point during the Open House event. This is also a great opportunity for families to meet other families within the school.

Family Play Dates

play dateFamily Play Dates are held two or three times each semester on the playground from 3:15 p.m. – 5 p.m. Siblings and snacks are welcome. Play dates provide another opportunity to meet other families from the nursery school while your children play with their classmates.


Family Night at the Magic House

Each year the nursery school rents out the Magic House for a winter night of fun from 6-8 p.m. WUNS families and friends have the Magic House all to themselves. Children often remark that it is their favorite event of the year!

Relative’s & Special Friend’s Dayssock family

Once each semester, the classrooms have a special celebration for families and friends. We invite dads and granddads in the fall and moms and grandmoms in the spring. Of course, any special friend is invited, and we are very flexible about who attends each semester. The children may prepare a special snack, perform a song or dance or simply enjoy time in their classroom with their special visitor. These events take place during the school day and last approximately one hour.


halloween paradeChildren celebrate Halloween with a short parade, special snack and a few holiday-themed activities. Children are encouraged to wear costumes if they feel comfortable. Family and friends are welcome to attend. The event lasts about an hour during both the morning and afternoon classes.  See the calendar for the exact date of the Halloween celebration each year.


Fall Parent Social

Room parents are encouraged to organize a parent-only or child-parent event for their particular classroom. In the past, room parents have planned gatherings, such as a cocktail happy hour or a potluck play date at a park.

Spring Fundraiser

Every spring, the room parents organize a fundraiser and social gathering for adults. Trivia night, gallery night and progressive dinners are just a few things that have been fun successes in the past.


Each year, we open and close our school year with picnics at Shaw Park. Under one of the pavilions, families and staff enjoy a barbeque potluck. The spacious and well-built play space next to the pavilion keeps the children entertained. Teachers and staff especially love seeing our school’s alumni join their siblings at the picnics.

Teacher Appreciation Lunch

Each classroom picks one day to provide a lunch for our classroom teachers and Washington University student assistants. Families volunteer at the beginning of the year, and each room parent helps organize the lunch. Our teachers greatly enjoy this gesture of appreciation.

If you would like to partner with the school to help with any of these activities, we would love to hear from you. Contact Amber Ott to get involved.