At Washington University Nursery School, we believe that every child is a unique individual with his or her own pattern and timetable for social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth.

We believe in learning through play; we provide fun, child-centered activities that effectively engage students. We encourage creativity in all areas with a special focus on the arts to enhance language and thinking. Above all, our goals are that children will develop a genuine pleasure in learning, that they develop confidence in their ability to learn and to accomplish challenging tasks and that they gain experience and skills in interacting with others.

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Our students and their families find their time with us both rewarding and stimulating. We invite you to call and make an appointment to visit our school. 

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From Past Parent Surveys:

I cannot say enough good things about WUNS.  We feel extremely lucky to have discovered your nursery school.  The staff is dedicated, well-trained, and (most of all) cares deeply for the children.  The other families are warm and welcoming, and their diversity will hopefully serve as a baseline for…what the world should look like.

It’s wonderful to feel like your child’s caregivers are better at the job than you are; truly, on the whole they are more patient, better able to see the forest for the trees, certainly more trained and aware of what’s developmentally appropriate than I am.

My child is confident, happy, and feels so loved at school. This is as much as we can ask for!

The Nursery School experience has helped my child with settling into a new country with a different culture.

There are many benefits, but problem-solving and being a good friend are two of the important things our child is learning at WUNS.  In small ways–through play, stories, outings, activities and pictures–there is so much learning taking place at WUNS (great for all abilities and learning styles).  WUNS is a diverse environment with many opportunities to learn about other cultures, customs, foods and traditions that our (child) most likely wouldn’t have been exposed to elsewhere.

Our child loves every minute! He has grown and developed in confidence.  Teachers allow him to grow at his own pace and work with our family in ways that we find incredible.

The teachers are warm and loving. My child never gave me any trouble about going to school. He couldn’t wait to see his teachers every day. I feel that the teachers helped my child build self-confidence and improve his language skills. I am 100% happy with our nursery school choice.

The best part of the nursery school is the teachers! The love and care from the teachers has the magic to make our girl love the school and enjoy the education there.

My child has learned to love school, trust teachers, and know that school can be a place to make friends, explore, create, learn and have fun!

We have loved the variety of activities available in the classroom and the gentle way the teachers encourage the kids to try everything. I am thrilled that the kids get to be outside so much.