At Washington University Nursery School, we believe that every child is a unique individual with his or her own pattern and timetable for social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth.

We believe in learning through play; we provide fun, child-centered activities that effectively engage students. We encourage creativity in all areas with a special focus on the arts to enhance language and thinking. Above all, our goals are that children will develop a genuine pleasure in learning, that they develop confidence in their ability to learn and to accomplish challenging tasks and that they gain experience and skills in interacting with others.

Our students and their families find their time with us both rewarding and stimulating. We invite you to call and make an appointment to visit our school.

From WUNS' Parent Surveys (2015 - 2018):

We've seen definite growth in our child's social-emotional skills, and we appreciate that the teachers encourage independence and resolution of conflict between the children to allow them to get comfortable using these skills.
(The program has been) tremendously helpful coaching (our child) to improve her emotional-social skills, patience, and coping mechanisms.
(WUNS) is a safe and wonderful place that fosters growth in a play-based (as it should be!) program.
The program has brought a structure and discipline and prepared my (child) well for kindergarten this year. I was amazed how the teachers cleverly integrated a variety of science/math/art/craft concepts into the curriculum so well.
The indoor and outdoor play areas are very nice, but what makes the school so special are the teachers and the caring, cooperative, loving atmosphere they foster among the students and throughout the classroom activities.
I particularly like the walks the class takes around campus. Those stick with (my child) and provide a wonderful learning opportunity and change of scenery.
She felt completely comfortable with other children and gained confidence for herself. I believe that she knows how much she is loved by teachers and children.
My child almost always gets back in the car happy (and often times worn out!) about her full morning. She adores her teachers and has made friends. I like that there is a free choice environment while still maintaining routine/structure. She also seems to particularly enjoy art class!
The school is tidy and the kids seem to feel ownership over taking care of their space. The outdoor amenities are safe and messy and fun and just right for Pre-K.
It's wonderful to feel like your child's caregivers are better at the job than you are; truly, on the whole they are more patient, better able to see the forest for the trees, certainly more trained and aware of what's developmentally appropriate than I am.
My child is confident, happy, and feels so loved at school. This is as much as we can ask for!
The Nursery School experience has helped my child with settling into a new country with a different culture.
We opted for the school basically due to the healthy mix of families with different cultural backgrounds and a good Pre-K program. Both turned out being the right choice for us. Thank you!
(Our son) brings home songs, language (English and Spanish), and activities that he learned at school. He has also blossomed socially.
This program has been absolutely wonderful for our child, who has grown socially and with language to a dramatic extent. Our child has also made progress with emotional and self-help skills.
The teachers are warm and loving. My child never gave me any trouble about going to school. He couldn't wait to see his teachers every day. I feel that the teachers helped my child build self-confidence and improve his language skills. I am 100% happy with our nursery school choice.
She's learned how to write her name, how to recognize letters, etc. But the most important things she's learned have been in the social-emotional arena: how to cope with disappointment, how to be a friend, how to share, and how to be silly and have fun!
The best part of the nursery school is the teachers! The love and care from the teachers has the magic to make our girl love the school and enjoy the education there.
Our son came home consistently this year with new verbal, motor, and social skills clearly learned and practiced at nursery school.
Wonderful environment! So caring and nurturing, and FUN!
Washington University Nursery School provides enough routine for our son to feel confident and safe while away from home. Being around kids of diverse backgrounds exposes him to other cultures, traditions and languages, which is essential for him to function in a modern world. His language is exploding because of the songs, Spanish language activities, art and educators. We are so grateful!
We have loved the variety of activities available in the classroom and the gentle way the teachers encourage the kids to try everything. I am thrilled that the kids get to be outside so much.
We really like the daily outdoor play; it was a favorite for our child and led him to a lot of independence and confidence.
We have participated in most of the family events, and we love them. They are very inclusive and are a great way to help get the children and families together for fun.
We really valued parent-teacher conferences and enjoyed several of the other school activities. It was nice to meet other parents and nursery school staff.
I always loved the staggered orientation schedule. I loved attending the first day with my child. And I also always appreciated that the first day the kids attend without parents is only half the class. I think this really helps the kids acclimate.
WUNS has been an absolutely incredible experience for our daughter. She has grown and developed so much, she has such strong bonds with her teachers and friends at school, and she really has treasured her time there. We adore the school.
This has been an extraordinary, wonderful experience for our kids.
My child had such an amazing school year, he enjoyed going to school everyday! He always was happy to go, but happy to come home! He made tons of friends and he loved his teachers!
(WUNS) has provided him with general confidence, the language skills to communicate his needs, increased social awareness and improved social skills with his peers, and independence.
Our son is very social and compassionate. WUNS has given him the opportunities to make friends and be himself in a safe, play-full, learning environment.
I feel that the teachers helped my child build self-confidence and improve his language skills. I am 100% happy with our nursery school choice.
I love that my child considers everyone in the class a friend (teachers included!).
The WUNS experience has been invaluable for both of my (children)....The emphasis on play, the classroom set-up, art, music, all of it is fabulous.
I love most that everything is presented as FUN, and although I know the teachers are gently encouraging kids to try new things and participate in all the areas and activities, the kids are ultimately allowed to explore at their own pace.
Our second time around we continue to love the nurturing learning environment, the best we have experienced with three kids in different pre-schools.
The teachers are all amazing, and administration, top-notch. WUNS nursery school is just an outstanding place!