In addition to their classroom teachers, all children enrolled in the Washington University Nursery School interact regularly with specialists in art, music, Spanish, science and yoga.

Art with Ms. Suzy

Lessons and Photos from the Art Studio

All students at WUNS have the opportunity to engage in Art Enrichment once a month in the Art Studio. Each month, children will be introduced to an Element of Art and a Master Artist that used that element in their artwork. The Elements of Art, listed below, build upon each other to create a foundation of learning for life-long artists and art enthusiasts. Through visuals, provocations, conversations and hands-on experiences Young Artists will be introduced to Art and Creating!

I have had the privilege of teaching Art Enrichment at WUNS since 2002. It is a great joy to share my passion and experiences for the Visual Arts with young children. Each year I am astounded at the creativity, honesty and simplicity of young children’s artistic minds!

The Elements of Art and our focus: Line, Shape, Color, Form, Space, Texture, Value

Music with Ms. Christina

Music Lessons and Photos

I am delighted to be leading music classes at WUNS again this year. I bring experiences as a musician, educator, and parent. I taught kindergarten for 12 years, am a certified Music Together teacher, have taught flute lessons, and have played in and directed a variety of ensembles. I continue to play flute professionally, but I love the special energy that lights up when I share music and movement with young children, who have an innate desire to make joyful noise and wiggle their bodies. I have enjoyed teaching at WUNS since 2019.

Each season we will experiment with a collection of 15-20 songs. Some have words and some don’t. Some are familiar children’s tunes, and some are pieces from genres such as classical, jazz, pop, bluegrass, and country. Some are songs from the Western world and some are songs that expose our ears to the music of cultures whose sounds are not as familiar. We always use our voice and bodies to create, and, for two songs each class, we use percussion instruments and props (scarves, parachute, etc.) that help us visualize the beats we create. All of our repertoire gives us the opportunity to explore tone, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, and expressiveness, and – most importantly – all are fun!

Nature on the Move with Ms. Becky

Lessons and Photos from Ms. Becky

I am thrilled to be continuing the Nature on the Move program that has been coming to WUNS for 20 years.  I believe that one way to preserve our natural resources is to teach the youngest members of our society to love and respect the natural world around them. Nature on the Move allows children to get up close to Missouri’s wildlife and learn how each living thing affects the world in which they live.  I will visit WUNS once per month with a lively presentation on a variety of topics.

Spanish with Ms. Allie

Themes and Photos from Spanish

I am very excited to keep the Spanish enrichment tradition alive and well at WUNS. After many years of Spanish education and translation, I am looking forward to teaching our WUNS Bears numbers, emotions, introductions, holidays, foods, seasons, and more during our Spanish lessons. ¡Aprendamos!

Yoga with Ms. Cate

Themes and Photos from Yoga

I love introducing young children to the practice of yoga! Yoga at the preschool age is such a wonderful tool not only to help children increase gross motor development through balance, coordination, and body awareness but also to provide a gentle and supportive space to foster social-emotional learning as they build skills in mindfulness, self-regulation, and self-awareness. Yoga increases focus and concentration and helps children learn to be gentle with themselves and others. I will be visiting the children at WUNS once a month this year, taking the kids on exciting “adventures” using stories, games, music, and loads of imagination to lead them through a fun and exciting yoga practice that will exercise both their bodies and their minds. 

Suzy Frillman

Suzy Frillman

AB Education, MAT Early Childhood Education

Christina Ryan

Christina Ryan

BA Music, EdM Early Childhood Education, Certified Music Together Teacher

Becky Craig

Becky Craig

Science Specialist, Naturalist, Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

Allie Price

Allie Price

BS, Special Education; MaEd

Cate Rousseau

Cate Rousseau

BA Communications , Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Training