In addition to their classroom teachers, all children enrolled in the Washington University Nursery School interact regularly with specialists in art, music, Spanish and science.

Art with Ms. Suzy

Art Enrichment Letter from Ms. Suzy School Year 2020 – 2021

Each of the classes will have the opportunity to engage in Art Enrichment one time per month. We will introduce an Element of Art each month and build understanding through conversations and experiences in the Art Studio, that may be displayed and later sent home with a description of your child’s introduction to that Element of Art.

I have had the privilege and honor of teaching Art Enrichment at WUNS since 2002. It is a great joy to share my knowledge and passion for the Visual Arts with the children! Each and every year I am reminded and continually astounded at the beauty, simplicity and sincerity of each young Artist’s understandings and renderings of Art from their personal perspective. Thank you for sharing your Preschooler with me!

Music with Ms. Christina

I am delighted to be leading music classes at WUNS again this year! I bring experiences as a musician, educator, and parent. I taught kindergarten for 12 years, am a certified Music Together teacher, have taught flute lessons, and have played in and directed a variety of ensembles. I continue to play flute professionally, but I have greatly missed the special energy that lights up when I share music and movement with young children, who have an innate desire to make playful noise and wiggle their bodies. I am very excited to share that joy with all the bears at WUNS…including my own little girl who is a Big Bear and Sun Bear.

Each season we will enjoy experimenting with a collection of 15-20 songs. Some will have words and some won’t. Some will be familiar children’s tunes, and some will be pieces from genres such as classical, jazz, reggae, folk, and more. For some we will use only our voice and bodies to create, and for others we will use percussion instruments and props like scarves that help us visualize the beats we create. All of our repertoire will give us the opportunity to explore tone, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, and expressiveness, and all will be fun!

Spanish with Ms. Colleen

¡Hola! (Hello!)

de Señora Colleen (from Miss Colleen)

Since 2013, I have provided Spanish enrichment at WUNS.  The children never cease to amaze me with their auditory and memory skills. My philosophy in teaching Spanish is to keep it fun, simple and multi-sensory. Whether through song, props, games or movement, I like to introduce vocabulary and simple phrases in memorable ways. Your child might start counting in Spanish at home, or singing a song s/he has learned. (Que maravillosa!–How wonderful!)

Once a week I will be visiting each classroom for 15 – 20 minutes for songs, games and stories in Spanish.  On this website, at the “Specialists” link, I will list the vocabulary we are learning, the lyrics to a song, and/or an overview of lessons. Repetition is key to learning, so I will circle back to certain lessons throughout the year for review and recall.

Nature on the Move with Ms. Becky

I am thrilled to be continuing the Nature on the Move program that has been coming to WUNS for 20 years.  I believe that one way to preserve our natural resources is to teach the youngest members of our society to love and respect the natural world around them. Nature on the Move allows children to get up close to Missouri’s wildlife and learn how each living thing affects the world in which they live.  I will visit WUNS once per month with a lively presentation on a variety of topics.

Suzy Frillman

AB Education, MAT Early Childhood Education

Christina Ryan

BA Music, EdM Early Childhood Education, Certified Music Together Teacher

Colleen Corbett

AB English, Minor in Spanish, MAEd Counseling

Becky Craig

Science Specialist, Naturalist, Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education