Parent Resources

The following articles and links provide insights into early childhood education, strategies for understanding and supporting children’s development, and community resources that families have found helpful.

Supporting Your Child’s Learning During the Holidays

The Fragile Generation

Is Dressing Up for Halloween Different than for Pretend Play?

Toddlers and Challenging Behaviors:  Why They Do It and How to Respond

Discipline and Limit Setting (video)

The Genius of Play (website)

The Art of Avoiding Power Struggles With Your Child

Ten Things Every Parent Should Know About Play

Thirteen Tips For Starting Preschool


The WUNS staff attended a day-long workshop in 2016 that featured the authors of the following book.  We found useful and effective strategies to help children (through age 6) to develop resilience and empathy.

Emotional Muscle:  Strong Parents, Strong Children by Kerry Kelly Novick and Jack Novick, PHD