Muscle Testing Permission Form For Big Bears

Permission Slip for Gross Motor/Muscle Testing
Dear Parents:

I am a faculty member in the Program in Physical Therapy at Washington University. Presently, I am instructing our first year physical therapy students in a unit called Manual Exercise in which they practice performing strength assessments and strengthening exercises as part of an overall evaluation and treatment. They have already had a great amount of laboratory instruction and practice on each other, and some practice with patients in the clinic. It is also helpful if they can learn how strong normal children are so that they will be able to recognize weakness in the pediatric population.
Therefore, one of our sites for practice has always been with pediatrics, because working with children is very different at times from working with adults. A faculty member always accompanies a group of students to the site to supervise their practice. The children really enjoy the extra attention they receive from our students and have fun with this experience. Once again, this year Washington University Nursery School has agreed to let us hold some clinic labs at the day care.

The dates and times we plan to be at the day care are as follows:
Friday January 17th 10:15-11:30 am
Monday January 22nd 10:15-11:30 am

Please complete the form below if you wish to allow your child to participate.
Thank you very much!

Suzy L. Cornbleet, PT, DPT
Program in Physical Therapy

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